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Author update


I've finally finished the first (very rough) draft of my latest manuscript - an adult psychological thriller (with a slight paranormal twist). I wrote like a maniac last week and finally typed the last word ("keep") on Thursday. It's taken me a year to write and it's around 95k words but there's still a lot of revising and rewriting to do, plus an epilogue to add, so that word count may well rise or fall. This book was a tricky one to write - so many clues to plant and hide, inserting the odd red herring but playing fair with the reader when it comes to having enough information to solve the mystery, and keeping a delicate rein on the possibly supernatural elements.


I've started rewrites and when I've added in and taken out and fixed up and polished, I'll send it off to my beta readers and editor. I also realized last week that I hadn't commissioned a cover - so now that's in the pipeline, too. Watch this space...


My Writing mascots

Years ago, when I was writing Turtle Walk (which would be my first published novel), I was moseying around an artsy-fartsy shop in Johannesburg and spotted this turtle. I immediately bought him, took him home and made him my writing mascot.

 My collection of tortoises and turtles has grown over the years, and all the while these little guys - wood, stone, iron, shell, beaded, blinged and painted - have accompanied me on my writing journey. 

They remind me to stay grounded, to pace myself (slow and steady wins the race), that I need a thick skin (or shell!) in this business, and that perseverance and patience are vital. In some cultures, legend has it that the world is built on the back of a giant tortoise and it pleases me to think that the creative worlds of my novels are built with my little shelled creatures by my side :)

Do you have a lucky mascot for any of your endeavors? Does it help? Let's chat on on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (@Joannemacgregor_author) or by reply email - I love hearing from you!


- Joanne

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