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10 Intense YA dystopians

I'm amped that my novel Recoil has been selected for this terrific list of top YA dystopian fiction, and I love the video :D as well as the video on how Dystopias suppress storytellers.

Governments are scared of storytellers and books - this is the primary premise of Fahrenheit 451, where books are illegal and are burned, and people are encouraged to watch mindless (propaganda) TV constantly.

I think dystopian fiction, although it looks like it's set in the future, is actually tackling worrying issues in the present. This was certainly the spur for my YA dystopian series, The Recoil Trilogy. I'm horrified at how many of the things i predicted have already come true!

From the YA fiction list, I see I have lots of reading to do! From the classic dystopian list, I read (and loved) Handmaid's Tale, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984, and from the films, I loved Hunger Games and enjoyed Minority Report. In my first degree, I took a year of drama and film, and one of the films we had to watch and study was Metropolis, the 1927 classic by Fritz Lang. No, I wasn't in university in 1927 - I had to go to a special film festival to catch this one, and boy was I glad I did! I saw the remastered version with music by Georgio Moroder and it was fantastic - crazily modern in its themes. If you ever get a chance, watch it!

Check out this terrific page on Dystopians here.

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