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A bunch of giveaways!

I have so many giveaways for you thins month, you'd swear Christmas was coming!

Young Adult Book Central is doing a massive giveaway of YA books! In addition to weekly prizes (many of which are open internationally) there's also a Grand Prize giveaway of 38 paperbacks (US only, because of crazy-expensive shipping costs.) Enter here, and check out all the featured deals on the YABC website. 


This YA Contemporary Romance Giveaway is smaller (so you stand a great chance of winning) plus it's open internationally! You could win five beautiful romances (including my favorite of Rainbow Rowell's books) PLUS Eleanor & Park jewelry and a Starbucks gift card. Coffee plus swag plus romance? Yes, please!

Enter here. Competition closes at the end of November.


Here's an epic giveaway (open internationally) for lovers of young adult / new adult sci-fi and dystopian fiction. A bunch of paperbacks and ebooks are up for grabs, PLUS a $50 Amazon Gift Card for you to spoil yourself with!

Enter here. Giveaway closes Wednesday, December 6th.





A reading spree for Kindle Unlimited readers


Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon programme where you get access to read as many titles listed in KU (hundreds of thousands) as you want for $9.99 per month. Currently I have 6 of my books in the program, with more to come!

Check out the great reads in the KU Fall Book Fair here :)



The words are gathering again...

Yesterday, I started writing a new book. By "writing", I mean I mooched about the house, muttering what-if's and maybe''s by the dozen. Today I continued this process, which is grandly known as plotting or outlining. It breaks my brain. For every idea I get, I can see a bunch of reasons why that's not feasible, wouldn't work, is unrealistic. (I am cursed with a VERY realistic, logical, analytical brain.)

Today I continued this process. Couldn't come up with whodunnit or why. Tried showering - ideas are supposed to fall on (into?) your head in the shower, right? No luck.

Tried writing in a purrty notebook, In soft pencil. Some ideas, but no shabang.

I told myself I could just start writing, without knowing what happens, and see what happens. I know there are authors who write into the void, not knowing who the murderer is when they start their books, but... but ... HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

Eventually, I took to my car. Driving the ring road around my city while muttering hypothetical situations and motivations to myself tends to loosen the cogs in my brain for some reason, and it worked again today - oh, happy day!

Now I just need to do some research to see if what I imagined is even possible. Reality is such a drag.

Anyway, gentle reader, the cogs have begun to turn.


New Book Release!

Woohoo - The Law of Tall Girls is live!

I am so excited to share the launch of my latest novel with you!

You've shared my writing highs and editing lows, the trials and tribulations of my cover design (I am totally in love with the final design!), and finally my book baby is born :)

This is a special book to me, because I put a lot that's personal into it. Not only am I a tall girl, but I felt different and like I just didn't fit in during much of my teen years. And not just because I was tall, and had a bigger head (literally), hands, feet than those around me, lol!

But as I've grown up, chatted to oodles of people, taught teenagers, studied and practised psychology, and listened to thousands of teens (and once-were-teens, lol), I've discovered an amazing secret: we ALL felt that way! Even the ones who looked like they had it all together were struggling on the inside.

Every single one of us had - or still has - something about us that makes us feel like a freak or a misfit in some way.

So that's really what this book is about. And I hope you love it!

(And if you do, please leave a review so I can sell a few, and afford the time to write another.)

 You can buy it here, or read more (plus an excerpt!) here.


Cover reveal!

I'm so delighted with the way the cover for my new book turned out! I can't wait for you to read it :)

(Just a couple of weeks now!)