Smart and funny stories for children 4-8 years

Jemima Jones and the

Great Bear Adventure!

Jemima Jones is a little girl who dreams of growing taller and having splendid adventures.

Her mother thinks she’s creative, but her grandmother thinks she’s a story-teller.  Her teenage brother calls her a brat, but her father calls her Sweetpea!

Jemima likes to explore and investigate and imagine.  Most of all, she loves to press buttons – the bigger and shinier, the better.

It’s a good thing Jemima has a fine imagination because she has never actually met a real pirate, or a kidnapper, or even a man-eating tiger.  So when Mrs Jones announces that there’s special treat in store, one that involves a bear, Jemima can’t wait. She goes to sleep dreaming of fierce polar bears and wild grizzlies!  A fantastic adventure awaits Jemima and her new friend Ravi Naidoo - a day stuffed full of excitement and peril (and even some bright, shiny buttons).

Life’s always an adventure with Jemima Jones, and she’ll be embarking on another one soon!

The book is aimed at children in the 6 - 9 years age group. It makes an ideal and funny book for parents to read to their children.

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Jemima Jones and the

Revolving Door of Doom!

Jemima Jones is a little girl with an enormous imagination. Her family and teachers do not always understand Jemima. They keep trying to make her neat and quiet and well-behaved. But Jemima loves adventures, exploring and great big machines. Most of all, she loves to press buttons! 

When Jemima has to build a giant insect for a school project, she pays a visit to the local hardware store with her father, her good friend Ravi Naidoo, and Ravi’s spoilt brat of a sister. 

Jemima comes face to face with a gang of very bad men indeed, and gets involved in a bigger adventure than even she could have imagined!

Who is the man with the dagger tattoo? Will Jemima get to save the day? Will she get to press more buttons? And just how fast can a revolving door go?

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