The Author

When not writing books, Joanne Macgregor is a Counselling Psychologist in private practice and deals mainly with victims of crime and trauma. She consults and writes on alternate days, and in completely different head-spaces and physical environments.

She started her professional life as a high school English Teacher, but has also worked as an IT trainer, a theatre dogsbody, and management consultant. Also as a waitress, an in-store frozen vegetable demonstrator and make-up artist.

Although she lives in the frenetic adrenaline-rush that is the city of Joburg, Joanne has always been in love with nature, and escapes into the mountains and the bush whenever she can. She’s a pretty good cook, grows vegetables, and is addicted to chilies and bulletproof coffee.

Joanne is a bird of many feathers and enjoys writing for different ages.

She is the author of two (soon to be three) books for adults:

- The First Time I Fell (due out August 2019)

- The First Time I Died (2018)

Dark Whispers (2014)

Skadustemme (2015) – the Afrikaans translation of Dark Whispers

And several books for young adults:

The Law of Tall Girls (2017)

Hushed (2017)

Recoil (2016)

Refuse (2016)

Rebel (2016)

Scarred (2015)

The ecowarrior series of books for Young Adults:

Turtle Walk (2011)

- Rock Steady (2013)

- Fault Lines (2016)


A psychological self-help book:

Self Help Stories (2018)


As well as two books for younger readers:

- Jemima Jones and the Great Bear Adventure (Random House Struik Ekhaya, 2012)

- Jemima Jones and the Revolving Door of Doom (KDP, Createspace, 2013).  


Joanne was first published in 19mumble when she was seven years old. The Star newspaper, a Johannesburg daily, printed her poem, which went something like this:

               Oh when the sun is shining bright and gay, it makes you want to sing today,

                                                            Sing, sing, sing!

  Oh when the sun is shining bright and gay, it makes you want to swim today,

                                                        Splash, splash, splash!

 (Editor: It went on a bit more, but you get the idea. These days, she writes better. Promise.)